The India Project

Advancing the Gospel in India from our local context in order to #endbiblepoverty.

WHO: The Seed Company + Biola University + The local church

WHAT: Biola India Project exists to empower students and the church locally to be in partnership with the work of the Great Commission in India by providing resources- both financial and prayerful- for an oral Bible Translation initiative. The India Project, in partnership with The Seed Company, has adopted an unreached people group and is aimed at introducing thousands of Indians to the Gospel for the first time.

WHY: Currently, there are nearly 2,000 languages in the world without access to scripture in their native tongue. The purpose of The India Project is to ultimately provide those without the Word of God with His message of salvation. The projects unites and mobilizes the Biola community members, the donor support network and the local church around the vision of creating an outlet for Biola to make a global impact from this local context.

WHERE: Here. From this local context we can raise the funds to translate Scripture that can transform a north central region of India where 95 percent of the population lives in bondage to a dominating world religion, superstition and the oppressive caste system.

WHEN: Now. Let’s #endbiblepoverty in our generation.

HOW: Local discipleship gives birth to global realities. Here is how you can join the movement to #endbiblepoverty… In partnership with the Seed Company, Biola University is raising the funds to train native Indian storytellers in effective oral Bible translation strategies to help end Bible poverty among unreached languages in north Central India.


Tangible ways students can contribute:

1)    Pray. In fact, gather with us to lift up the nation of India in prayer. Together, we will pray for the nation, the Indian church and for the advancement of the Gospel among the unreached in India. Prayer is the most powerful posture.

2)    Attend our events. Throughout the semester we have periodic fundraising and promotional events to help engage students with the task of ending Bible poverty in India.

3)    Donate Financially. Each dollar you give goes straight towards providing the Gospel to the unreached in India for the first time. If you are interested in donating, please visit:

4)    Become an India Project Storyteller. Even with new technological advances everyday, we believe the ancient art of storytelling is still the most engaging form of communication of all. Just as the Indian storytellers intentionally engage their communities with the Gospel, as an India Project storyteller you will be responsible to advocate for the India Project among your community. Be a part of a fellowship dedicated to advancing the Gospel in India from this local context.


For general inquiries regarding The India Project including the storyteller’s program and prayer events, please contact Madison Powers at

If you are interested in financially contributing to this project, please contact Rachel Blaser at

Biola University
13800 Biola Ave. La Mirada, CA 90639